Elementary School is the most important level of education. Children should form there the basis which will accompany them through their studies.

All these years, our graduates distinctively succeeded in their studies in Junior and Senior High Schools. The main reason of their distinction is that with continuous effort and a lot of willingness, we are trying to transmit the love of learning to children. During the 50 operating years of our School, we have always tried to maintain the well applied educational methods and synchronize them with the new era.

Mathematics and the Greek Language are significantly approached as children acquire basic knowledge of them. Our School has been keeping a long tradition on the teaching of those subjects. This successful tradition has lately been well-blended with the use of modern technological equipment and methods in order to make teaching more attractive to pupils.

In Science, particularly in the Physics laboratory, pupils are actively introduced to the natural phenomena by doing the experiments corresponding to each unit.

The use of computers is taught at the Fourth Grade and if the expanded programme requires so, pupils can start from the First Grade. Substantial teaching takes place and is integrated into the daily educational practice (e.g. cross-curricular projects). Pupils learn how computers operate as well as how to process texts and create presentations themselves. They also learn how to safely surf the Internet.english2

Anywise, all our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards which run the appropriate educational software. As a consequence, teaching becomes effective and innovative.

Particular importance is also attached to the fact that English, second Foreign Languages, Music and Physical Education are all taught by Specialty teachers, resulting to avoiding an afternoon activity load. In English, children start with the Pre-Junior level at the First Grade. They use contemporary material not only in the classroom but also at home (interactive whiteboards, modern books, ebooks) and acquire very good knowledge of the English Language as courses are intensive. Pupils can certify their level by sitting pre Lower exams as well.

The Fifth graders are able to choose their second Foreign Language between German and French. Courses take place in small groups and end with the reception of the first certificate in the preferred Language.