Bone marrow donation or transplantation is a treatment method used to treat certain cancers, particularly leukaemias and lymphomas. For many of our fellow patients, the only hope for life is a bone marrow transplant from a volunteer donor with a compatible tissue type. Finding a bone marrow donor for a patient is very difficult, however, as the two individuals must be histocompatible, which is extremely rare given the great diversity of tissue types in populations. In our region, and specifically in Nafplio, the Malevitis family (Elena Hotel) has long been active in a bone marrow donation campaign. The Vision of Hope Association – Volunteer Bone Marrow Donor Bank collaborated with our school in order to inform the parents and guardians of our students about this critical issue. Representatives of the Association will be at a parallel event to our school’s theatre performance at Cine Valia to inform about bone marrow donation. Those who want to can give a sample at the same time for a possible transplant. We thank the representatives of the association for this important effort and wish them success in their work!

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